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The frNT Naturopathic Dispensary has been serving clients since 2007.

The site is owned, maintained and operated by Frank Riegel, a qualified and accredited natural healthcare practitioner.

Most products on this site are classified as "Practitioner Only" products. These include (but are not limited to) products supplied by manufacturers such as BioCeuticals, Eagle Pharmaceuticals, Blackmores Professional, Metagenics, Nutrition Care, China Med, Heel, MediHerb and many others.

The purchase of "Practitioner Only" products should normally occur by advice from your treating health care professional.

Frank Riegel Natural Therapies understands that sometimes it is difficult for patients to obtain some of these products from their healthcare professional for a number of reasons. Some practitioners may not stock or only have limited stock of these types of products or it may not be logistically possible for the client to return to the practice for repeat orders.

It is our aim to bridge this gap and to make it easier for clients of other healthcare practitioners to obtain prescribed remedies.

Australian customers are requested to supply the name and contact details of their advising health care practitioner when placing an order for "Practitioner Only" products.

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Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil 237ml
Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil 237ml
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