Why do you require the details of my practitioner?

"Practitioner Only" products are always stronger or have greater efficacy than those available in more traditional retail lines. With increased therapeutic power comes the possibility of a reaction or unwanted effect. We therefore have a moral and ethical obligation to ensure that these products have been professionally prescribed / recommended to you.  


Is it ok if I send you a copy of my prescriptive advice?

Yes, it is ok to send us a copy of your prescriptive advice.

Please ensure that the document contains the name, address and phone number of your practitioner.

With immediate effect we require a written prescriptive advice from your treating healthcare practitioner for the supply of products from the Metagenics range.

This prescriptive advice must include the clinic details, date, patient details, detailed prescription and dose, repeat scripts if required and Practitioner registration number (Association number).

Metagenics products will not be supplied without a written prescriptive advice containing the required information.


I have just placed an order for "Practitioner Only" products but have not provided the required details. Will you ship my order regardless?

The answer is an outright  "NO"

In case we receive an order for "Practitioner Only" products without the required details we will send you a reminder by email. Your order will be placed on hold until the required details have been received and verified.


I just want to buy a book from you, do you need my practitioner details?

No, books and retail products are freely available from our online store. No practitioner details are required.


Is Mobilyzer a "Practitioner Only" product?

No, Mobilyzer is a retail product and is freely available from our site. No practitioner details are required.

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