Practitioner Only Products

Please note: The rules on this page do NOT apply to overseas customers.

A number of products on this site are "Practitioner Only" products. These include (but are not limited to) products supplied by manufacturers such as Eagle Pharmaceuticals, Blackmores Professional, BioCeuticals, Flordis and and many others.

The purchase of "Practitioner Only" products should normally occur by prescription from your treating health care professional. At Frank Riegel Natural Therapies ( we understand that sometimes it is difficult to obtain some of these products from your health care professional for a number of reasons. Some practitioners may only have limited stock of these types of products or it may not be logistically possible to return to the practice for repeat orders.

Australian customers may purchase "Practitioner Only" products from our site, but we ask you to either

  • tell us the name and contact details of your healthcare practitioner when placing your order

  • provide us with a copy of your naturopathic advice where required.


Ordering of  restricted "PRACTITIONER ONLY" Products:

In compliance with the Online Selling Standards for restricted "Practitioner Only" products manufactured by Metagenics or BioConcepts (brands Orthoplex, Pure Innovation and Pure Innovation Oil) we only dispense these products to

1. patients of our own clinical practice

2. patients of other Healthcare Practitioners upon presentation of a naturopathic advice from the treating practitioner.

The naturopathic advice must include

- clinic details
- date of the naturopathic advice
- patient details
- detailed recommendation and dose
- repeats if required
- Practitioner registration number (Association number)

This ruling ensures that restricted "Practitioner Only" products are always dispensed correctly.

You can email us a copy of your naturopathic advice to

We may, at any time, verify your treating or prescribing practitioner, as part of our internal auditing process. If we see any irregularities in the use of such products we reserve the right to suspend supply, until we are satisfied that these products are being used in a manner for which they are intended.

By purchasing "Practitioner Only" products you accept the risks associated with the use of such products. "Practitioner Only" products are always stronger or have greater efficacy than those available in more traditional retail lines. But, in keeping with our philosophy to provide the best quality products, we make them available for those in the pursuit of better health. However, with increased therapeutic power comes the possibility of a reaction or unwanted effect. provides "Practitioner Only" products and natural medicines to you based on the knowledge that they have been appropriately prescribed to you by your treating practitioner or health care professional.

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