Hydrion pH Test Paper

Choosing Your Testkit

Many conditions and symptoms occur because of hormonal imbalances, toxicity or allergies within our bodies.

You can now find out what is wrong in the convenience of your own home!

Nutritional Laboratory Services are pleased and excited to announce the availability in Australia of a range of Self Test Kits designed to test various hormone levels, food allergies, mineral deficiencies & toxic element levels in your body. These Kits are a first for Australia! They are convenient, non-invasive and easy to use. They can help identify areas of concern within your body before they develop into a disease.

In the convenience of your own home, you are able to collect samples of either saliva, a few drops of blood or hair (depending on the test requested) and send off for analysis. These tests are analysed by an accredited laboratory with state of the art technology.

A comprehensive report, interpreted by an expert in the field of integrative medicine, will be mailed to you, with recommendations to seek further support if necessary.

This table will help you choose the most suitable test kit, based on the symptoms you have.

Symptoms   Female Male Stress Sleep Mineral Allergy
Abdomen cramps              
Allergies           2 1
Anti-oxidant deficiency              
Anxiety   2 2 1      
Blood pressure High              
Blood pressure low              
Breast pain              
Chronic fatigue (CFS)       1   2 3
Depression   2 2   1    
Digestive disfunction           2 1
Energy low   2 2 1      
Fatigue   1 1 2     3
Flu like symptoms              
Foggy Brain   1 1     2  
Hair loss              
Head aches, Migraines   1 1     2 3
Immunity low   3 3 1   2  
Irritable bowel              
Jet lag              
Libido Low   1 1     2  
Love handles              
Memory poor              
Menopausal symptoms              
Mood swings   2 2   1    
Muscle pain              
Muscle mass low              
PMT   1     2    
Pot belly syndrome              
Seasonal Affected Disorder              
Skin problems           1 2
Sleep disorders         1 2  
Sleep-awake cycle              
Weight gain required              
Weight loss required   1 1     2  

A number indicates which is the first choice to test, if more than one test would be applicable for a symptom.

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