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AQUA Male (PM)


Each 20ml bottle of the AQUA Formulas will last more than two months, based on recommended dosage levels.

You will obtain best results using filtered WATER, still or sparkling mineral WATER. Some chemicals in tap WATER, notably chlorine and fluoride, can compromise HYDRATION in the body. In all drinks, you may vary the quantity and proportion of liquids to suit your taste.

The AQUA Formulas work very gently in the body. Improving HYDRATION will naturally support your body to clear toxins. Drink 4 - 6 additional glasses of WATER daily depending on your lifestyle, exertion etc.

Essential Oils:



Goldenseal 30C
Slippery Elm 30C
Sarsaparilla 30c
Iodine 6C
Micellized Vitamin E 10C
Bach Flower essences:

Rock Water

Also Contains:

Micellized Vitamin E
Sodium Chloride

AQUA Product Information Sheet (Adobe Reader required)

HYDRATION is the most fundamental factor in wellness and has been, to date, largely overlooked.

Ensuring that your HYDRATION mechanisms are operating with high efficiency, and are supported by the correct intake of fluid, is the single most important step you can take to improve your wellness.

The issue is not how much fluid we intake, but how well the uptake of that fluid occurs.
Optimal Hydration is vital for Optimal Health  

These days just drinking water is not enough to keep you hydrated!

The Aqua Formulas:

Increase stamina and recovery
Improve and support cellular hydration
Optimise uptake of nutrients & clearance of toxins

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