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Genuine N-zimes 180 caps


Contains the enzymes lipase, protease, cellulase and amylase to aid digestion

  • Helps to break down animal fats, proteins, sugars, starches and grains
  • Derived from plant sources
  • Supports your digestive system

Proper digestion is an important part of maintaining good health and nutrition, and in this day and age of busy lifestyles and fast food diets it is particularly important to support your digestive process in every way possible.

Genuine N-Zimes Formula #10 is a digestive enzyme supplement which contains the following digestive enzymes:

  • Lipases to assist with the breakdown of animal fats such as cheese, butter, and meat
  • Proteases to break down proteins found in cheese, meats, and nuts
  • Cellulase and amylase which break down sugars, starches, and fibres from grains, vegetables and fruits.

Derived from plant sources. No added gluten, soya, or dairy

Genuine N-Zimes are an Australian company started by Queenslander and naturopathic doctor Robert McIlroy. He found that many of his patients suffered from an "enzyme deficiency" inherited and/or developed as a result of poor diets which consist of mostly cooked and highly processed foods, and developed a range of digestive enzymes to help.
Can assist with:
digestive discomfort, food intolerance

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