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Hydrion ® pH Test Paper 5.5-8.0


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Is your body acidic, or alkaline? Take the simple, easy and convenient saliva or urine test at home to determine your pH!

Hydrion® Paper is now available in Australia - directly imported from the U.S. manufacturer!

Hydrion® Paper is the original pH test. Don't just buy a copy - get the original pH test kit!

Hydrion® Paper is supplied in rolls of 4.5 metres (approx. 100 tests)

In chemistry, alkali solutions (pH over 7.0) tend to absorb oxygen, while acids (pH under 7.0) tend to expel oxygen. For example, a mild alkali can absorb over 100 times as much oxygen as a mild acid. Therefore, when the body becomes acidic by dropping below pH 7.0 (note: all body fluids, except for stomach and urine, are supposed to be mildly alkaline at pH 7.4), oxygen is driven out of the body thereby, according to Nobel Prize winner Otto Warburg, inducing cancer. Stomach fluids must remain acidic to digest food and urine must remain acidic to remove wastes from the body. Blood is the exception. Blood must always remain at an alkaline pH 7.4 so that it can retain its oxygen. When adequate mineral consumption is in the diet, the blood is supplied with the crucial minerals required to maintain an alkaline pH of 7.4. However when insufficient mineral consumption is in the diet, the body is forced to rob Peter (other body fluids) to pay Paul (the blood). In doing so, it removes crucial minerals, such as calcium, from the saliva, spinal fluids, kidneys, liver, etc., in order to maintain the blood at pH 7.4. This causes the de-mineralized fluids and organs to become acidic and therefore anaerobic, thus inducing not only cancer, but a host of other degenerative diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, lupus, etc..

(Extract from “The Calcium Factor: The Scientific Secret of Health and youth” By Biochemist R. Barefoot & Dr. Carl.J.Reich, M.D.)

Hydrion® pH Paper, with a range of 5.5-8.0, is preferred by many of our customers because of the precise pH matches at every .2 to .3 pH intervals. This Hydrion® product, commonly requested to test urine and saliva has excellent color separations in the acid range, below pH 7, and the alkali range above pH7.

The color chart has pH matches at [5.5][5.8][6.0][6.2][6.4][6.6][7.0][7.2][7.4][7.6][8.0]

To use this product simply tear off a small strip of pH paper and dip into test solution. Compare the instantaneous color change with the matching pH color chart. Unlike many pH plastic strips there is only one simple color to match.


Directions for testing your saliva pH:

Wait 1 and a half hours after eating. Ensure that you have not had anything in your mouth, such as a recent drink (other than water), food, toothpaste, chewing gum or breath mints, etc. 10am and 3pm are good times to test.

Suck and swallow your saliva three times to make sure your mouth is completely clear, then expel a good amount of saliva onto a spoon and dip the pH paper into the solution without touching it.

Wait for 10 seconds, then read immediately using the colour key displayed on the side of the roll.


CAUTION: pH paper is a chemical paper, do not place in mouth!

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