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The Nutrient Bible 9th Edition

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Book by Henry Osiecki

Release Date: 13 February 2014
Format: Paperback
Pages: 487
Publisher: ORTHOPLEX
ISBN: 9781875239108

The Nutrient Bible is an invaluable text providing over 100 profiles of: Vitamins, Amino Acids, Minerals, Enzymes, Contingent Nutrients & Toxic metals.

Now expanded to 487 pages compared to 259 pages of the previous 8th Edition.

It provides the latest comprehensive & practical information including:

  • Comprehensive profiles of numerous Vitamins, Minerals, Enzymes & Amino Acids
  • The Drug/Nutrient relationship and the effects on one's nutritional status
  • Recommended Daily Dosages across age groups
  • Deficiency causes & symptoms indicating deficiency
  • Food sources containing Vitamins, Minerals, Enzymes & Amino Acids
  • Therapeutic uses for hundreds of illnesses & diseases
  • The Effects of high doses of synergetic nutrients
  • Overdosage & toxicity


The Nutrient Bible 9th Edition - Comprehensively expanded and revised with up-to-date research!

  • Provides many additional Food Sources, Therapeutic Uses, Deficiency causes & Synergistic Nutrients

Includes new introduction - Getting the Right Dose and completely new chapters of increasing importance in disease prevention and treatment

The role of flavonoids and polyphenols, their properties and functions are expanded as well as the role of individual nutrients in regulating biochemical pathways of significance in treating and preventing disease, particularly cancer

  • Includes a Drug/Nutrient Interaction section for Vitamins, Amino Acids, Minerals, Contingent Nutrients, Flavonoids & Polyphenols
  • Contains detailed structure Diagrams of Vitamins, Amino Acids, Contingent Nutrients, Flavonoids & Polyphenols
  • Discusses Metabolic Individuality & RDA
  • Contains updated and widely expanded section listing Nutrients that alleviate specific disease symptoms and conditions.


This is a must have for any clinician, student or for anyone who strives for optimal health!

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