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Cancer - The Importance of Clinical Nutrition


‘A ground-breaking text, year in the making, offering the latest in Clinical Nutrition’

This eagerly awaited text by leading Clinical Nutritionist Henry Osiecki is finally here!

Cancer – The Importance of Clincial Nutrition in Prevention & Treatment comprehensively details the impact of Clinical Nutrition on Cancer – from both a theoretical, physiological and practical perspective. Covering all aspects of the physiology and biochemistry of cancer, it further and most importantly offeres suggested practical Nutritional Guidelines for the treatment of many Cancers.

It is an invaluable text containing comprehensive information on:

·  What is Cancer?
·  Biochemical Aspects of numerous Cancers
·  Theoretical Models of Carcinogenesis
·  Cancer and Metastasis Prevention
·  The Basis of Chemotherapy and Detoxification from Cancer
·  The Effects of Radiotherapy including Dietary and Nutritional suggestions
·  Surgery and Nutrition including the Nutrients that Support Healing
·  Diet-Cancer interaction and Calorie-restricted Ketogenic Diet

Cancer – The Importance of Clinical Nutrition in Prevention & Treatment

·  Outlines the risk factors, symptoms and medical treatment for numerous cancer types
·  Offers Practical Nutritional Guidelines and Dietary Suggestions for the treatment of common cancers
·  Discusses food sources that are potential Carcinogens and outlines potential Anti-Carcinogenic nutrients, minerals, amino acids and herbs
·  Offers Dietary Advice including foods to add or avoid and suggested Dietary Changes

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