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Pure Innovation Green Tea Extract 60 caps


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60 capsules

Each capsule contains:
Camellia sinensis leaf ext. dry conc. stand. 562.5mg
(equiv. Camellia sinensis leaf dry 6.75g)
(equiv. tea catechins 337.5mg)
(equiv. Epigallocatechin 3-O-Gallate 225mg)
(equiv. tea polyphenols 478.1mg)

Vegetable capsule, colloidal silica hydrous

Cautions and Contraindications:
Tannins in Camellia sinensis may bind to iron and reduce its absorption. Excessive consumption of green tea may interact with the activity of anticoagulant medications e.g. warfarin.

Green tea contains trace amounts of caffeine. When consumed in extremely large quantities, CNS stimulation and diuresis may be possible.

- Green tea extract may support antioxidant defences
- Green tea extract may support thermogenesis

The active ingredients in Pure Innovation Green Tea Extract, when appropriately prescribed, may assist patients suffering from the above conditions. This statement does not imply or make a claim for a cure of these disorders. The use of Pure Innovation Green Tea Extract should be based on the published and relevant scientific and clinical data for each condition.

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