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Pure Innovation HCL 90caps

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90 caps

Pure Innovation HCL Capsules aid digestion and help to maintain normal digestive function. May also help to support a temporary loss of appetite.

Pure Innovation HCL Capsules contain citrus reticulata, gentian, ginger and zinc in a base of betaine hydrochloride and is designed to improve digestion and absorption by supporting various digestive secretions, enzyme function, and gastro-duodenal motility.

Hydrochloric acid is required for the digestion and absorption of nutrients; and also provides a barrier against infection from bacteria, parasites, and other pathogens.

Cautions and Contraindications:

Use with caution in patients on warfarin therapy; monitor closely for adverse events due to ginger content.

1-2 capsules with meals or as recommended by your healthcare practitioner.

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