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Heel Nux vomica-Homaccord Oral Drops 30 ml


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• Liver Tonic
• Relief of Hangover Symptoms
• Assists Detoxification

Active Ingredients

Each 1 g contains: Bryonia 4X 2 mg; Bryonia 6X 2 mg; Bryonia 10X 2 mg; Bryonia 15X 2 mg; Bryonia 30X 2 mg; Bryonia 200X 2 mg; Bryonia 1000X 2 mg; Nux vomica 6X 2 mg; Nux vomica 10X 2 mg; Nux vomica 15X 2 mg; Nux vomica 30X 2 mg; Nux vomica 200X 2 mg; Nux vomica 1000X 2mg; Colocynthis 4X 3 mg; Colocynthis 10X 3 mg; Colocynthis 30X 3 mg; Colocynthis 200X 3 mg; Lycopodium 4X 3 mg; Lycopodium 10X 3 mg; Lycopodium 30X 3 mg; Lycopodium 200X 3 mg; Lycopodium 1000X 3mg. Contains alcohol, water.


Liver tonic. Aids digestion. Treatment of mild digestive disorders. For the symptomatic relief of hangover. Assists detoxification.

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