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ChinaMed Back & Knees 78c

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78 caps

Back & Knees Formula, Yao Tui Tong Shen Xiao Fang, 腰腿疼神效方. Chinese herbal medicine prepared formula in capsule.

Actions: Dispels Wind-Cold-Damp to relieve pain, nourishes the Blood, nourishes the Liver and Kidney to strengthen the tendons and bones, activates the Blood and dispels stasis.

Indications: Chronic arthritic and rheumatic conditions of the lower body (i.e. lower back, hips, knees and toes), lumbago, sciatica.

Key signs & Symptoms: Chronic arthritis of the joint/s in lower limb, Low back pain, sciatica, Symptoms worsened by cold and wet weather conditions, Tongue is pale, Pulse is thready, weak.

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