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ChinaMed Digestive Tonic 78c

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78 caps

Digestive Tonic Formula, Xiang Sha Liu Jun Zi Tang, 香砂六君子汤. Chinese herbal medicine prepared formula in capsule.

Actions: TonifIes the Qi and strengthens the Stomach and Spleen, dries Damp and resolves Phlegm, regulates the Qi and harmonises the middle Jiao (Stomach and Spleen).

Indications: Chronic gastritis, chronic duodenitis, morning sickness, poor digestion, food allergies, candidiasis (gastrointestinal), gastroduodenal ulcers, chronic bronchitis, asthma, allergic respiratory disorders, chronic colitis, chronic fatigue syndrome, general debility, post-surgery debility.

Key signs & Symptoms: Fatigue, Muscular weakness, Sensation of bodily heaviness, Poor appetite with a sensation of fullness after eating small amounts, Epigastric or abdominal distension with mild pain, Pale tongue with a white greasy or thick white coat, Week pulse that is also slippery or and moderate.

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